Laurie Kang
b. Toronto, Canada
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada

2015    MFA, Milton Avery School of the Arts at Bard College, New York
2008    BFA, Photography, Concordia University, Montreal

Solo Exhibitions
2021    Earth Surge, presented by Franz Kaka and Helena Anrather Gallery, Helena Anrather, New York
2020    Her Own Devices, Franz Kaka, Toronto
2019    Eidetic Tides, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge
2019    Beolle, Oakville Galleries, Oakville
2018    Channeller, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn
2018    A Body Knots, TPW Gallery, Toronto
2017    Line Litter, Franz Kaka, Toronto
2015    The C is Always Coming, Raster Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2015    Deferring Diffractions, 8-11 Gallery (as a part of Villa Toronto), Toronto
2013    (Untitled), Erin Stump Projects, Toronto

Two-Person Exhibitions
2021    Unfixed (with Chris Curreri), Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art, Vancouver
2018    Fascia Lines (with Katie Lyle), Projet Pangee, Montreal
2018    Blue Ferment (collaboration with Yaniya Lee), The Table, Toronto
2018    255.155.2612 (with Santiago Taccetti), Rupert, Vilnius
2017    In a State of Alterity (with Edit Oderbolz), Painel Gallery, Porto
2016    Nesticulations (with Martha Tuttle), In Limbo, Brooklyn, NY
2016    Becoming (with Ben Foch), LVL3 Gallery, Chicago

Select Group Exhibitions
2022    tbd, Franz Kaka, Toronto 
2021    Soft Water Hard Stone, New Museum Triennial (curated by Jamillah James and Margot Norton) New Museum, New York, NY
2021    Mist, Foam, Drainage Ditch, Franz Kaka, Toronto
2020    The Mushroom at the End of the World by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, U’s, Diamond Valley, Alberta
2020    Dig Your Own Hole, 291 Ten Eyck, Brooklyn
2020    In Practice: Total Disbelief, Sculpture Center, New York
2020    Other Life-Formings, Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga
2019    Material Hiatus, Carl Louie, Los Angeles
2019    If I have a body, Remai Modern, Saskatoon
2019    Gestures of Comfort, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montreal
2019    NADA House, (presented by Franz Kaka), Governors Island, New York
2019    Formula 1: A Loud, Low Hum, CUE Art Foundation, New York
2018    Reading, Again, The Jackman Humanities Institute, Toronto
2018    Last Utterance for the Citizen King, Main Street, Toronto
2018    Four Pillars, L’inconnue, Montreal
2017    Built Like a Memory, Tag Team Studio, Bergen, Norway
2017    Commuter's Digest, Main Street, Toronto
2017    How Deep is Your Love? (organized by Jenine Marsh), Cooper Cole, Toronto
2017    Homestead, Carl Louie, London Ontario
2017    Dust is Dancing, Forest City Gallery, London Ontario
2017    The Earth is a Trampled Garden (organized by Bryce Grates), 269 Kosciuszko, Brooklyn
2017    2nd Kamias Triennial, Quezon City, Philippines
2016    APEC, Ludlow 67, New York
2016    Chroma Lives, organized by Erin Alexa Freedman and Lili Huston-Herterich, Yorkville Plaza, Toronto
2016    Stoneroses 4 (hosted by Minibar),Vårberg Sweden
2016    Labor Relations (curated by Sylwia Serafinowicz), Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw
2016    Babble On, collaboration with Nadia Belerique and Lili Huston-Herterich, Rockaway Topless, New York
2016    Comfort Zone, The Loon, Toronto
2016    Shifting Subjecthoods, Torrance Shipman Gallery, New York
2015    The Mouth Holds the Tongue, collaborative exhibition with Nadia Belerique and Lili Huston-Herterich (curated by Julia Paoli), The Power Plant Gallery, Toronto
2015    Summertime in Paris: Spectiveretro, Parisian Laundry, Montreal
2015    Brain Jail, collaboration with Nadia Belerique and Lili Huston-Herterich, Jr. Projects, Toronto
2015    Wayward, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver
2015    Five Successive Blows by a Gigantic Fist, CK2 Gallery, Montreal
2014    Cut Fold Rewrite, Feldbuschwiesner, Berlin
2014    Dans Cinquante Ans D'ici, Les Territoires (curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk) Montreal
2013    Sculpture: Photography as Material Collision, Camera Austria, Graz
2013    More Than Two (Let It Make Itself), The Power Plant Gallery, Toronto
2013    All of a sudden..., Platform Gallery, Winnipeg
2013    BLOG REBLOG, Signal Gallery, New York
2013    The Kitchen, Soi Fischer, Toronto
2013    All That Once Was Will Never Be Again, Gallery 295, Vancouver
2011    Proof 19, Gallery 44, Toronto
2011    The Gatherer, Erin Stump Projects, Toronto

Publications as Author
2021    Soft Water Hard Stone: New Museum Triennial 2021, catalogue interview with Wassan Al-Khudhairi, Phaidon 
2021    Laurie Kang: Story of the Gut, catalogue essay for "Unfixed" by Jacquelyn Zong-Li Ross
2018    VIBRISSA, exhibition text for Thea Yabut at L’inconnue, Montreal
2018    Jade Windscreen Powder: Sympoietic Tissue Sludge Compostition, collaborative  visual text with Tiziana La Melia, Public Journal
2018    A Body Knots, conversation with Martha Kenney and Daniella Sanader published by Gallery TPW in conjunction with exhibition
2017    Asteroids & Asterisms, interview with Martha Tuttle and Mariana Garibay Raeke
2017    Guttersnipes, text for Nadia Belerique and Jenine Marsh at Vie D’ange, Montreal
2017    Feministry is Here, text work for exhibition, Mercer Union, Toronto
2016    The Capilano Review, Issue 15, collaborative collage with Tiziana La Melia
2016    Padded Leak, Video project in collaboration with Tiziana La Melia for inaugural issue of MICE Magazine
2015    Murder Mystery, Visual support for collaborative project by Rosa Aiello, Tess Edmonson, Danielle St-Amour, Vienna and New York
2013    Entangles, with text by Tiziana La Melia, published by Colour Code Printing
2014    Untitled (2014), TPW Silver Editions (with Moyra Davey and Public Studio)
2013    33 Circles, Mossless Magazine
2013    Untitled (Document of Untitled), Self-published

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2021    ‘8 Standouts at the 2021 New Museum Triennial’, Alex Greenberger, ARTnews 
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2020    Banff Artist in Residence, Banff, Alberta
2018    Rupert Residency, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017    Aldea Residency (as selected by Curatron), Bergen, Norway
2017    BRiC: Year 2067, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff
2016    Interstate Projects Studio Program, Brooklyn, NY
2014    Amia Prize Residency with Elad Lassry, The Art Gallery of Ontario,
2013    Soi Fischer Thematic Residency with Artie Vierkant, Toronto Island
2010    Sparkbox Studio, Awarded residency, Picton, Ontario, June

Awards & Grants
2020    Research and Creation, Canada Council for the Arts
2020    Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2020    Concept to Realization Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2019    Residencies Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2019    Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2019    Barbara Spohr Memorial Award, Banff Centre
2019    Research and Creation Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2019    Long list, Sobey Art Award
2018    Research and Creation Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2018    Concept to Realization Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2017    Research and Creation Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2016    Visual Artists Project Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2016    Emerging Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2015    Travel Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2015    Artist Prize Finalist, The Toronto Friends of Visual Artists
2013    Emerging Visual Artist Grant, Toronto Arts Council
2012    Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography, Canada Council for the Arts
2012    Visual Artists Project Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2012    Emerging Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2012    Exhibition Assistance Grant, OAC
2011    Travel Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2011    National and International Residency Grant, OAC
2011    Exhibition Assistance Grant, OAC
2010    Access and Career Development Grant, OAC