Stephanie Temma Hier’s paintings reflect the experience of traversing digital space in the 21st Century. Her works mimick an understanding of what it means to “fall down a rabbit hole” as a description of the contemporary consumption of images and visual culture, through which meaning fluctuates as images are brought together temporarily by big data algorithms seemingly indifferent to hierarchies of high and low culture.

But a childish toy, 2020 
Oil and ceramic on canvas with glazed stoneware sculpture
14 x 11 x 2 inches
$5,000 USD

Stephanie Temma Hier
b. Toronto, Canada
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

2014  BFA, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, Canada
2013  Academy of Art Canada

Solo Exhibitions
2020  Swallowing the Pit, Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai, CN
2020  Spring Now Comes Unheralded, Franz Kaka, Toronto, Canada
2019  NADA Miami, Franz Kaka, Miami, FL
2019  Gridded and Girdled, Y2K Group, New York, NY
2018  Walnuts And Pears You Plant For Your Heirs, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, UK
2017  Part and Parcel, Downs and Ross, New York, NY
2017  NADA NY, NEOCHROME, New York, NY
2017  Be True To Your Teeth and They Won't be False to You, NEOCHROME, Turin, IT
2016  DAMA, NEOCHROME, Turin, IT (at Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana)
2015  Here's The Catch, Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions
2020  Taipei Dangdai, Vacancy Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2019  The Barn Show, Johannes Vogt, East Hampton, NY
2019  Rainy Day Canape, LM Gallery, Latina, IT
2019  Commutiny , Sibling Gallery, Toronto, Canada (curated by geetha thurairajah)
2019  100 Sculptures, Anonymous Gallery, Paris, FR (curated by Todd von Ammon and Joseph Ian Henrickson)
2019  Gestures of Comfort, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montreal, Canada
2019  Looking At The World Though Rose Colored Glasses, PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerp, BE
2018  MN_03, Media Naranja, Marseille, FR
2018  BE:YO:ND, PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerp, BE
2018  Call Me Mr. Benson, OCD Chinatown, New York, NY (curated by Ian Giles)
2018  Fata Morgana, 77 Mulberry, New York, NY (curated by Y2K Group)
2018  100 Sculptures, Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City, MX (curated by Todd von Ammon and Joseph Ian Henrickson)
2018  RBC Painting Award, The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada
2018  When You Were Bloom, Thierry Goldberg, New York, NY
2018  Note G, Chicago Manual Style, Chicago, Il
2018  Dinner that Night, Bureau, New York, NY (curated by Weston Lowe)
2017  The Kitchen Benefit Auction, The Kitchen, New York, NY
2017  No Vacancy II, Alt Esc, New York, NY (curated by Cecilia Salama)
2017  Art Toronto, Downs and Ross, Toronto, Canada
2017  What would the community think?, Hotel Art, New York, NY (curated by Tim Gentles)
2017  Nightline, 44th Drive Pier, New York, NY
2017  Fondante, Museo Della Frutta, Turin, IT (curated by Giorgio Galotti)
2017  Infinite Flowers, Plus One Gallery, Antwerp, BE
2016  As the Morning Lengthened, Whole Parties Appeared Over the Sandhills, AC Repairs Co, Toronto, ON
2016  NADA Miami Beach, Hester NYC, Miami Beach, FL
2016  The Understudy, Et. al, San Francisco, CA
2016  The Digital Cliff, Galerie Project Pangee, Montreal, Canada (curated by CK2)
2016  Art Toronto, RBC Painting Competition, Toronto, Canada
2016  Blue Plate Special, Dead Horse Bay, Brooklyn, NY
2016  RBC Painting Competition, The Power Plant, Toronto, ON
2016  True Believer, Pony Club, Antwerp, BE (Curated by Goedele Bartholomussen)
2016  A Temporary Curse, Bb Gallery, Baltimore, MA
2016  Bone Dry, Threefourthreefour, Brooklyn, NY
2016  Brooklyn Academy of Music Art Auction, Bridget Donahue, New York, NY
2016  Salon De Artistas y Libros Seleccionados, Ed Varie, Mexico City, MX
2015  Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Sensei Gallery, New York, NY
2015  Surph, Johannes Vogt Gallery, East Hampton, NY
2015  NADA NY, Ed Varie, New York, NY
2015  The Cultivated Landscape, CK2, Montreal, QC (Curated by Brad Tinmouth)
2015  Massive Party, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
2015  Pot Shop, Ed. Varie, New York, NY
2015  What year is it?, 1115 Dupont Ave, Toronto, Canada
2014  Grand Opening, CARRIER Arts, Toronto, Canada
2014  Wheel in the sky, 20 Kitchener ave., London, Canada
2014  Fresh Paint, Art Mûr, Montreal, Canada

Awards, Grants & Residencies
2019  Salon Nino Mier Artist Residency- Cologne, GE
2019  Visual Arts Grant - Canada Council for the Art
2019  Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant
2018  Visual Arts Grant - Canada Council for the Art
2018  Visual Arts Grant - Canada Council for the Art
2018  RBC Painting Prize – National Finalist
2018  Shandaken : Stormking Residency, New Windsor, NY
2018  Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant
2017  Visual Arts Grant - Canada Council for the Arts
2017  Hospitalfield Artist Residency - Arbroath, Scotland
2017  Visual Arts Scholar Award - Royal Overseas League, London, UK
2016  RBC Painting Prize – National Finalist
2014  Evans Award - OCADU

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