Mist, Foam, Drainage Ditch
Rosa Aiello, Raque Ford, Laurie Kang, Annabeth Marks, Brandon Ndife, Eileen Quinlan
March 2 - April 3, 2021
Organized by Laurie Kang

Press Release

Images courtesy the artist and Franz Kaka, Toronto.
Photos by LFdocumentation, unless otherwise noted.

photo by Polina Teif

photo by Polina Teif

photo by Polina Teif

Chinese Medicine recognizes an extra organ called the San Jiao, translating to “Triple Burner”. Three cavities divided into Upper, Middle and Lower, each burner enacting differing processes of refinement and elimination. Rather than a closed, singular organ, it is a mesh-like network that spans the entirety of the body, acting as a conduit for fluids and Qi.

More recently, it’s been likened to fascia. Our connective tissue - the interstitial space around all our viscera, under our skin, between our vessels, cushioning and holding our cells.

The works in this show encircle the body. They are not the body, but the around of it.

Cleaved words build elusive worlds, foodstuffs regurgitate ancestry, viscera are worn, images bear corporeal transference, surfaces are flesh, sound infects. The artists present materials as skeins of tactile interaction. The body is both a sedimentation and a scatter - a mist, a foam, a drainage ditch.   

Image: Brandon Ndife, Nipped at the Bud and Yet?, 2021 Courtesy the artist and Bureau, New York